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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Never Give Up

Hello friends...!!!
As per my point of view, people are always going to criticize you no matter what how perfectly or truly you are trying to do something, Albert Einstein has said that If one wants to be succeed in his/her life then he should focus on his/her goals not on people.
Concentrating on people sayings may put one under stress but one should simply try to ignore them never give up from trying. Don't lose hope. This is not a new thing I'm sharing, but just want to highlight it. Simple analysis of famous personalities shows such qualities in them which identifies them uniquely or simply beyond some level. So if someone want to be like (being like exactly to someone is not possible) one should have this quality in him/her. It's a pattern found in most of successful people so there is no need of giving proof here I guess, But individual point of view may vary. Giving up leads to some sort of risk with it, one may miss his/her target by the distance of an inch in some cases & conclusion is not derived by then. But in not giving up, At least we'll have satisfaction for our choices that we've made. It may lead to some sort of misconception that not to give up in what sense...???.Not giving up in the sense of finding solution to problems during the journey of our life, it means keep on trying, have faith in your desire, hope & will.
That's all I want to share.
"When there is a hope, there is a way." -Socrates

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