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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Chanakya Niti

"The man should be older in thinking , He should be an innocent child in behavior & He should be young with respect to strength."
According to me, this statement shows optimal level of knowledge, ego/jealousy, strength with request to person's age. As we all know that as we are getting older our knowledge is increases since it is an integration of experiments & experience. I think it is quite clear that as child we are un-aware of social aspects of life, so our attitude, ego, jealousy, etc. are at lower optimal point, so it is beneficial in eliminates conflicts of life rather then I would say most of the problems. And we are having highest strength in young age.
So, the point here is to use such optimal level of described properties of man to achieve our ultimate goal of life or milestones of our life.

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  1. Often the most successful minds and scientists are described as being "childlike" when expressing wonder and curiosity. For a very good example of this I'd recommend watching lectures by Richard Feynman and watching his mannerisms when he's very excited by one thing or another. He possessed the knowledge of an old man, but retained the curiosity of a child and the enthusiasm of a young man.