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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Purpose

Hello friends..Sorry for irregularity...After long time i want to discuss the mostly discussed question that is "What is The Purpose of our existence...??"

Since we all know we make or create all things for a specific purpose.Say for example, a car is invented for transportation from one place to another,so it has purpose of serving to reduce efforts in transportation.
So one logical, very interesting & non terminating question may arise into our mind that "Why do we exist...??" or "For what purpose god created us..???".
Many philosophers have tried to find out it's answer but none of the answers are satisfactory.
Since all terms are relative we can't say that what is absolute truth or universal truth.But simply, such terms & theories just can't be ignored.Some philosopher says that we are here for "worshiping The God" or some says that The purpose of our existence is to live life happily by using the God's creation or some says that we are here to love each other etc. They all are true with respect to their point of view. 
This discussion may arise the another question that "What is Truth...???" or "What is Universal Truth" or "What is Absolute & Relative Truth...???" but we will discuss that later on.
So back to our question, that is The Purpose of Our Existence..

According to me, the purpose of our existence is to give what you have or earned & expect nothing from world. The purpose should be noble from my point of view,since we are GOD's creation. I mean the purpose is to keep the things of world as it is, as we got.We are created for maintaining life cycle,environment,harmony between living creatures etc.In short the purpose should not be "SELFISH", otherwise it has no value. Of course, we have use the resources that are given from god (food,cloths,ground,water,brain ...infinity), but that doesn't mean we should use them and throw them.We need to keep it as it is for next generation to experience them. We are robots or servants.Two things are such that for which I'm damn sure that are "Death" and "Ultimate goal of any living creature is to reach to god".In one-another way we all are tending closure to god by our choices and respective results of them.Experience takes time and teaches us to learn from our mistakes. Some may take less time(depends on "KARMA"),some may take more.

 So we should all be clear about our individual noble purpose.It is not an easy task to find,one requires lots lots of critical thinking & internal evaluation(.right now,I'm hunting for mine so that's why I remain silent most of the times).One need to find that at which he/she is good at.
Anyway ,I think it's enough for today,since it has no end of this discussion.


  1. According to me , our existence is just because of god that's absolutely true. and god never aspect anything from us and that's also specified in "bhagwat geeta". but as a good child of god we thank to god for this precious life. I think there is no purpose but i think god aspect at least from us that is all human being live together with divine brotherhood relationship and helps each other. And its our duty to take closer a children(human) who is right now far away from god , means who is not believe in god or live like a animal.

    1. God really doesn't expact anything from us that's true... But Our moral duty imposes us to return something worthy or simply making life worth living..!!!